This is a blog about our experiences with the group Ta’ayush in the Southern West Bank. Our goal is to provide an on-the-ground perspective on life in Israel and the reality of the settlement project for Israeli and Palestinian society. We post exclusive footage from the West Bank that often includes acts of settler violence, IDF policy and conduct and settlement expansion, to name a few topics. We will do our best to provide videos with English translation but if we forget to translate something please e mail.

From its earliest days, Taayush has produced action only, neither manifestos nor ideological debates. The group that consolidated wanted to reverse the usual scale of priorities: after realizing that declarations do not always stand the test of ‘moments of truth’, action was chosen as the way to demonstrate a refusal to accept the repetition of incursions, and to be present where things took place. Direct, non-violent action was the path chosen, as well as decision-making by consensus. Taayush formulated a position paper by the end of December 2000, but its fine-points took up too much time and energy. It was decided to put off this task, and gain the participation of everyone who identified with the actions that were planned to express clear positions. Protest by actual doing, by outspoken negation of the separation between Arabs and Jews in Israel in every realm of life, and of the Occupation itself, of starvation, closure, movement limitations and military incursions that Israel practices in the Occupied Territories.

The name Taayush expresses the desire to upend conventional categories. The word Taayush usually translates the term “co-existence”, but its real meaning is “living together”, “sharing life with one another”. The difference between living together and co-existence is perhaps not very significant for those who are not familiar with the dialogue groups, peace encounters, peace tents and creativity workshops that characterized the dialogue style of the nineties, but the difference is enormous. It means living together, struggling together against alienation, against the separation wall, discrimination and racism, mastery and patronism, humiliation and boycott, exploitation and occupation.

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sloan K. Says:

    Thank you for all of your posts! My husband and I seem to be on a never ending quest to educate ourselves and others on this issue. With all that is going on in the world even in our own backyard, this remains at the top of our concerns. Aside from wanting to see lasting peace and justice, so much of what goes on in the world seems to be influenced by what is happening in Israel and Palestine. It helps a lot to hear from someone who is there in person. Even if the news is not all ways the happiest, it is nice to have video, pictures, etc. that I can send to people to say “look this is the reality.” I am assuming that it is not all that easy to be in Israel or the West Bank, and then on top of that if you are Jewish to stand up against the status quo. I hope that you will correct me if I am wrong on that.
    So, thanks!


  2. Assaf Says:

    Welcome friend!

    And thanks for the Ezra pic!

    I’m adding you to our blogroll


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