Picnic at an Illegal Outpost


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7 Responses to “Picnic at an Illegal Outpost”

  1. Twitted by jewlicious Says:

    […] This post was Twitted by jewlicious […]

  2. mf shepherd Says:

    I simply cannot imagine something like this happening here…

  3. Joff (@StoriesOfPeace) Says:

    A picnic is such a fantastic idea and a great way to engage in nonviolent direct action. Keep up the good work. I’m trying to raise awareness of your impending court appearance in the UK http://www.supportezra.net

  4. Joseph Dana Says:

    Hey Joff. Thanks for the comment and for raising awareness about Ezra. JewishVoicesForPeace.Org is running a letter-writing campaign for Ezra, so please encourage people in the UK to write them. Best, Mairav.

  5. Israel Uncut « Paul Farrell Says:

    […] in Palestine and challenge Israeli military policies. They feel utterly alone in this pursuit. Dana has written about the difficulties experienced by our mini-bus at a checkpoint near Jerusalem. Our IDs were taken – humorously, […]

  6. AM Says:

    Hi Mr. Dana, I want to ask, can you subtitle your videos if its hard to hear the people talking? I can understand them easily, but I’m trying to explain to others what is going on, and they can’t seem to understand the videos because english isn’t their native language. Subtitles would help drastically

  7. dirty couches, dogs without water, synagogue seats, and teenage boys with light mustaches (Loewenstein visits an outpost) | Antony Loewenstein Says:

    […] Dana has written about the difficulties experienced by our mini-bus at a checkpoint near Jerusalem. Our IDs were taken – humorously, the soldiers were unable to find the number on my passport, despite it being clearly marked – and we were unable to leave for over an hour. It was simply a case of ritual humiliation. The IDF had no right to hold us or refuse entry into the West Bank, but arbitrary rules are the name of the game under occupation. The soldiers were young, under 20 like most of them, and clearly bored. They wanted to show who was boss and what better way than annoying a handful of mouthy Israelis? We eventually turned back, found another checkpoint and sailed past. So much for being a security threat. […]

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