Zionism’s Fear of Abandonment Complex


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6 Responses to “Zionism’s Fear of Abandonment Complex”

  1. Michael Says:

    Joseph, what exactly is this ‘Zionism’ that you speak of?

    You are implying that Bibi and the Israeli right are the sole representatives of the Zionist movement. By excluding left-wing Zionists (e.g Meretz, Peace Now etc) you are effectively handing Zionism to the right.

    Rather than cook up pseudo-theories about ‘insecurity’ and ‘weakness’, it would be more constructive to highlight how the Israeli right is undermining the very foundations of the movement that it claims to represent.

    • Joseph Dana Says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      In fact, I am talking about the left in Israel more than the right. The intellectuals that I mention are all members of Labor and Meretz, proudly. I do not think that this is a right or left issue. Zionism is insecure with its self and as such comments such as Bibi often trickle out of the halls of power as well as the University as it were.

      I am not sure that this is a “pseudo theory” as you putit. Rather, it is a known point of discussion in Israel, that being our own security and fear of abandonment. I would point you to David Hare recent piece in the New York Review of Books or my interview with Ahmed Tibi for some recent discussion of this issue.

      I understand that Tibi is Arab but his thoughts on the insecurity of the Zionist regime are telling and his perspective is from the inside of the halls of power. How do you explain the recent discussion about Naqba laws and loyalty oaths? Identities that are comfortable with themselves to not need just laws, would you agree?

      The ease at which Bibi made those comments is not reflective solely of his own stupidity. Discussions about left leaning Jews in the United States often feature these types of comments in Israel and not just from the right. Zionism wants to be the only form of Jewish identity and any Jew that challenges it will be labeled these types of terms. Not even just challenge but mild criticism will put you there.

      all the best,


      • Michael Says:

        Thanks for your reply Joseph.

        “In fact, I am talking about the left in Israel more than the right.”

        Who exactly? I’m trying to understand what you’re saying, but I don’t see where you mention left-leaning Israelis/Zionists in your concept of ‘Zionist insecurity’. Anyway, my original point was that you seem to be – unfairly – defining Zionism soley by the terms laid out by its right-wing/Revisionist proponents.

  2. Julian Says:

    What’s a left wing Zionist? Someone who sits in one of your silly peace tents and smokes a peace pipe?

    • Shai Says:

      Actually a left wing Zionist is one who lives in Israel, perhaps reluctantly serve in Tzahal or refuses to be part of the military madness against the Palestinians. Anyone outside the country, left or right, is a bystander to the Middle East.

  3. Joseph Dana Says:


    I understand your point about not having the right ‘own’ Zionism. The problem as I see it is that we really do not have much of a left in Israel. It is right and righter and these are the people who own Zionism today.

    all the best

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