The Rule of Law


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4 Responses to “The Rule of Law”

  1. Avery M Says:

    It’s disgusting that settlers who have no jobs are allowed to burn the fields of Palestinians who are diligently producing food for their own livelihoods, while those who should enforce the laws look on. The Zionist movement turned the desert into a garden, but now they are trying their damnedest to turn it back into a desert.

  2. Michael Says:

    Hi Joseph, thanks for these updates, especially the videos.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. How do you know that the axe-terrorist from Safa was “mentally disturbed”?
    2. What happened to the video interview with guy who used to live in Bat Ayin?


    • Joseph Dana Says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      I have talked with people in Safa about this person and the response has been that he was mentally insane. The people that I have spoken with have condemned the incident across the board but the person did come from Safa. I can understand the anger from Bat Ayin about this. Imagine if a child from your community was murdered like this.I do think that it is important to say that these horrible actions were the work of one man who was not assisted by the community. Every community has bad and confused eggs. It is so sad that children have to lose their lives because of them. Both sides have much to repent for and it is a heartbreaking situation much like the conflict as a whole

      I removed the interview because the former settler did not want his image out there because he felt it might be harmful. I will posting an article about it sometime this week.

      Hope that answers your questions.


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