With Responsibility Comes Voice


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4 Responses to “With Responsibility Comes Voice”

  1. Global Voices Online » Israel: Activism in Israel and Iran Says:

    […] I have been struck with a feeling of familiarity and identification with the events that have been unfolding in Iran.” Cancel this […]

  2. Aleynu Says:

    You conflate two issues: the desire of right-wing Israelis to deny Muslims the right to own any property in the West Bank is rightly condemned. But is that to be compared to the denial of Israelis to live on the West Bank?
    Why does a future Palestinian state have to be free of Jews? If Arabs can live in Israel, why can’t Jews live in Palestine? Why shouldn’t Jews be permitted to live everywhere?
    Making Jews, and only Jews, leave their homes is ethnic cleansing. Isn’t this exactly what Israel’s critics accuse it of?

    • Joseph Dana Says:

      Thanks for the comment. Israel won this land in the a war and put it under military occupation. If Israel wanted to annex the land, they could do that but all the native residents would become Israeli citizens, which is something that Israel has no intention of doing.
      Arabs live in Israel in a system of racial discrimination. The Arabs residents of this country are treated as enemies not citizens. One has to simply look at the current headlines to understand this basic principle. Laws of loyalty, alligence, communutes that official ban Arab Israeli residents, these are examples of current Israeli discussion in reference to Israeli Arabs. The history is much more serveve.
      You system of the logic is not based in fact in anyway. You are speaking from emotion. An emotion informed by sources in the press that routinely lie and distort the reality on the ground.
      I assure you, as an Israeli Jew, that there are measures that can be taken by my government to resolve many current issues of violence and security. These measures are not being taken because Israel is more interested in occupation in the colonist model than peace.
      One very small example would be this. Hamas has said publicly that it will give Israel a small true but not peace. Israel has categogically
      rejected this notion instead going down a path of war and bloodshed unrivalled in its audacity in recent years. What if, and bear with me, Israel publicly signed an agreement with Hamas in Washington, London, and Paris, with the backing of the EU, NATO, and the US that said Israel and Hamas have a one year cease fire. BUT, that means that Israel must open all crossings into Gaza and actively work to improve the humanitarian and economic situation there. IN RETURN, Israel has the full backing of the NATO EU and the US to attack, without will, Hamas if even one rocket was to fall on Israeli soil.
      What would happen then?

      All the best


  3. Spills Says:

    You inspire me, sir.

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